A company that aims to drive improvements & efficiencies in healthcare and allied industries through innovation in data management technologies.

We formed healthtech-it to innovate in the healthcare IT domain. We use our skills as practicing doctors to drive product conception & design, providing solutions to improve the workflow of hospitals, GPs and outpatients, driving improvements in patient care.

About Us

Dr Martin Lees Founder

Hospital Consultant since 2003, working in a central london teaching hospital, with a background in medical informatics with
an interest in developing software solutions in healthcare.

Dr Stephen Cone

Hospital specialist working in London, with a background in Chemistry (BSc First Class, Bristol) and computer science. Interested in bringing this together to develop novel solutions in applied science and healthcare.


With our partners we are developing new applications for hospitals, developing systems for use by patients and improving the links to research for doctors. Please click on any of the logos to visit their websites.

Contact Us

Please contact us by email in the first instance. We are interested to hear from potential clients, partners, investors and employees.

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